How to Find Twitter Influencers with Bubble & Social Animal

How to Find Twitter Influencers with Bubble & Social Animal

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Welcome to my first Bubble tutorial!

In this tutorial, we’ll use Bubble & Social Animal API to find influencers for your product with a minimum of 10,000 Twitter followers.

Watch the tutorial or read it below! (Also published on TechAcute)

Today, influencer marketing is an integral part of digital marketing to get your message to your audience. Many customers, especially in the tech sector, want testimonials from people they trust before purchasing a product.

Finding Influencers with Bubble – API Set-up

  1. Contact Social Animal to get the credentials for the Influencer Search API specifically.
  2. Create a new Bubble App, go into the Plugins tab and install the API connector.
  3. Add a new API, give it a name and set authentication as “None or self-handled”. Then add your credentials to the Shared Headers for all calls under x-User-id and x-Auth-key.
bubble api screenshot

4. Add a new API call, give it a name (e.g. Influencers), and set use as “Action”.

5. Enter “” and set the cURL method to “POST”.

6. Enter this JSON data in the input field:

bubble api screenshot

7. When you enter the sample dynamic values in the “key”-“value” pairings below the API call, make sure to uncheck “Private” on all of them.

8. Click “Initialize call” and “Save”.

Finding Influencers on Bubble – Workflow Set-up

9. Return to the design tab and create a Repeating Group on the page. Set its data type to “Influencers data”.

10. Add some fields to the group related to the influencers. For example, the first one can be “Current cell’s influencers data’s screen name”. This data comes from the API so the fields like “screen name”, “location”, etc. are pre-set.

10. Create two input fields on the page and a button. Name the input fields “Keywords” and “Min followers”, for instance. The content format should be text and integer, respectively. Here’s an example of how the page can look like.

bubble api screenshot

11. Create a workflow for the button. It will have two steps:

a) The API action (Social Animal – Influencers)

b) Display data in repeating group

For the first step, choose “Social Animal – Influencers” in “Actions” and set up the dynamic values we’ve outlined in the API call. For min_followers, set the value entered into the Min Followers Input, and for the keyword, set the value entered into the Keywords Input.

And for the second step, choose “Display Data in Repeating Group” and enter the data source resulting from Step 1’s data. You can also sort the results shown in the group, however you want.

12. Test in preview mode with your chosen keywords and minimum number of followers. If the configurations are correct, you should have a list of top Twitter influencers with your keywords in your bio.

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